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Retirement Communities in Utah

A retirement community is a neighborhood of houses or a housing complex specifically designed for older adults, generally in the 55 plus age range. The purpose of a retirement community is to provide tailored amenities and services for older residents that might need extra help or care.

Some retirement communities provide a lot of extra services to their 55 plus community. Other 55 plus communities are less intense about the services they offer, allowing residents to maintain more of their independence.

Benefits of a Retirement Community

Strawberry Fields is a curated community, artfully designed for easier living. Strawberry Fields is the perfect choice for anyone 55 and older who is looking for an easier lifestyle while maintaining the independence that comes with owning your house.

Strawberry Fields is not a retirement community and doesn't restrict its residents by age group. This means that anyone can live at Strawberry Fields, regardless of their age.

The Services at Strawberry Fields

Because we build in Utah we understand the unique needs of Utah homes.

Utah is known for having some of the best snow and the best snow sports. But this geographic trait can be a nuisance when your neighborhood is still full of snow when you need to get to work in the morning.

Strawberry Fields at HOA helps take care of this problem by providing convenient snow removal services. Now you can enjoy the winter months completely, without worrying about shoveling large amounts of snow each year.

Our Community

Strawberry Fields is a planned community that was designed to make your life easier. Many people choose to live in neighborhoods like ours because of their detail-oriented designs and ideal locations. Our ultimate goal at Strawberry Fields is to create a beautiful and friendly neighborhood deserving of the name, Strawberry Fields.

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Our Location

Strawberry Fields Address:

At the intersection of Research Way & Timpanogos Parkway Orem, UT

One of the major highlights of living at Strawberry Fields is its perfect location. Our community is just a few minutes from shopping centers, beautiful parks, restaurants, trails, biking, and Provo canyon. But we're also tucked away enough to be surrounded by peaceful greenery and neighborhoods without having busy roads right outside your window. Here are just a few attractions within minutes from your new home:

  • Culinary Arts Institute and CafĂ©
  • Orchard Park
  • Bonneville Shoreline trailhead
  • Orem Bench trail
  • Murdock Canal trail

We hope you plan on visiting us soon and joining our growing neighborhood!